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Discover the advantages of SMAs

Proactive SMA portfolios that are actively managed to generate return, improve responsiveness to market conditions and reduce volatility in returns.


Portfolio implementation


Tax and rebalancing


Between risk profile and portfolio

Actively managed, efficiently structured

Proactive’s SMA portfolios combine the advantages of active multi-asset class investing and benefits of the SMA structure – and were the first of their kind in Australia.



Invest in portfolios of securities listed on the ASX, commenced in 2010

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Invest in portfolios of wholesale-priced managed funds offered by leading fund managers, released in 2016

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Investors appreciate

Portfolios maintained in line with objectives and risk profile

Beneficial ownership and visibility of investments in the portfolios

Ability to transfer funds or securities in-specie into the portfolios

Reduced paperwork

Cost effective model portfolio management

Advisers appreciate

Faster portfolio implementation – an advantage in volatile market conditions

Improved practice efficiency

Reduced execution risk

Reduced paperwork

Improved compliance efficiency and practice valuations

Asset allocation – not putting your eggs all in one basket


All of Proactive’s portfolios span multiple asset classes providing diversification through disciplined asset allocation. Our multi-asset class portfolios are invested across a variety of different asset types such as shares, property or fixed interest.

The advantage of multi-asset investing


Multi-asset class investing offers a way of managing risk and return in the portfolio over time.

How? The price of each asset class moves differently in different market conditions – and differently over time. The price of all asset classes do not all rise or fall together. By spreading your investments across asset classes you are reducing the potential impact of market volatility on a portfolio.