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Listed Security SMA Conservative

This portfolio invests mainly in  defensive assets such as fixed interest securities, but it also includes significant investment in assets such as equities to provide some capital growth.
Asset class Asset allocation
Expected long-term average Min Max
Cash & Fixed interest 65% 40% 100%
Property 10% 0% 20%
Australian equities 15% 0% 25%
International equities 10% 0% 15%
TOTAL 100%
% in Growth Assets 35%

Investment Objective

To produce a Return (before tax and after investment fees) that equals inflation plus 2.5% p.a.over rolling 8-year periods.

Who is this for?

This portfolio is suited to investors who are seeking a reasonable degree of capital stability, but who also want some protection of the value of their assets against the effects of inflation.

Expected returns over 10 year period

Income per annum 3.20%
Capital Growth per annum 1.44%
TOTAL per annum 4.64%
Franking Credits included in income 0.20%

Expected risks of return shortfalls

Chance of return falling short of investment objective over a 10-year period 20%
Chance of a negative return in any one year 10%