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Growth Listed Security SMA

This is a growth-oriented portfolio with a small allocation to defensive assets which should slightly reduce the shorter-term fluctuations of the portfolio’s value.
Asset class Asset allocation
Expected long-term average Min Max
Cash & Fixed interest 25% 5% 100%
Property 10% 0% 25%
Australian equities 40% 0% 60%
International equities 25% 0% 45%
TOTAL 100%
% in Growth Assets 75%

Investment Objective

To produce a Return (before tax and after investment fees) that equals inflation  plus 4.0% p.a. over rolling eight-year periods

Who is this for?

This portfolio is suited to investors who can accept a significant risk of a negative return in any one year in return for higher returns over the longer term.

Expected returns over 10 year period

Income per annum 4.21%
Capital Growth per annum 3.32%
TOTAL per annum 7.53%
Franking Credits included in income 0.65%

Expected risks of return shortfalls

Chance of return falling short of investment objective over a 10-year period 20%
Chance of a negative return in any one year 20%